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How to: Install CR Laurence Windows on a Sprinter Van

Install CR Laurence Windows in a Sprinter Van: 08' Dodge Sprinter - 144 Low Roof
We finally got the Sprinter back and first things first- We need to get those windows in.  
Here are the windows we ordered.
Passenger Side Sliding Door:
Driver Side Forward:
Passenger Side Rear Window --We were really happy we ordered this through Amazon because the first time it was shipped it was smashed in shipping so they didn't finish delivering it, and shipped us out a new one the very next day! Amazon really is great for things like that!
STEP 1: CUT OUT METAL (follow OEM lines) If you haven't see our page on how we cut the metal out of the van click here first: HOW TO CUT THE METAL FOR A SPRINTER WINDOW. 

After getting our windows in and attempting to install them we learned we were a little too careful when cutting out the metal.  The window wasn't sitting flush, or we had to really push hard to get it in.  It was cat…

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